Second go around with this lesson

1 09 2009

Tattoo Collage- Mixed Media Drawing

Criteria: Merge three human observational drawings into one.  Select one modified contour line drawing from a skeleton drawing, figure study, and a self-portrait drawing.

  • Overlap the drawings onto one piece of paper.
  • Skeleton drawing enlarged to break-up the negative space.
  • Layer the figure drawing leaving some space for a portrait.
  • Place the portrait on the composition, making an artistic choice of how much of your portrait will be included in the drawing. tattoo teacher example

Patterns and Designs:

View several native designs used for artifacts, ceremonial tattoos, and fabric.

Select a specific style and apply the pattern to selected areas of your drawing.

  • Wrap the design around the bones, facial features, and clothing to follow the volume of the object.

Add color or value using pencil, colored pencil, watercolor pencil, pen/ink, pastel, charcoal and tempera paint. Use more than one medium.  See student results soon at




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