Summer Work- doing art work for myself and for the community

14 07 2012

I have been busy working on several pieces and experimenting with a new product.  First is a reworked painting – it is charcoal and conte on pre- painted panel.  A rather large piece but I enjoy working on larger pieces.  Next a charity piece- Home Plate Art for the Jim Elder Good Sport Fund in Little Rock, AR.  A really fun project and it reminds me of home, when I am  painting the lush cornfields.  Lastly, Inkodye, experimenting on different surfaces and materials to see what are the possibilites for it’s use in my classroom.  So far my results are okay but I need to work out a few kinks.  I do like the ideas, that I can possibly turn out but I need to match the results to the ideas.  Summer is coming to a close soon and I have already started my art material order form for the first semester.  Got to say I am getting a little excited!


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