Technology is wonderful when it all works- I know you know what I mean

17 11 2012


Well- I am pleased with the project we executed in class and my students did a good job creating a voicethread to go along with the process. I love the format and all the possibilities it can offer. We hit a glitch when working with the other school. The technology security framework has blocked the students from seeing our comments and from the comments that are posted by the viewer to show up on our voicethread so it could be read. It can be fixed but the remedy will not happen in the time frame we need to complete what we set up for this experience.  So we moved forward and I won’t give up on it entirely. I think I may try it again but we may need to find a new way of exchanging our voicethread. Here are some of my clever students results with the Art History Remix…I love how my students let their sense of humor come out with the lesson.

One of the best parts of this lesson is that my students learned how to use the materials that would have been tossed in the trash and instead, the materials became unique original works of art that helps to educate the viewer about a famous masterpiece.  We used an i-pad box, cardboard, scrap drawing paper, and scrap foam core.  I think you can recognize the famous masterpieces.  Enjoy!




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