Entering the competition and show season

15 02 2013


Well- it is here again. Three crazy weeks in a row to push all the hard work and pieces we created in the studio. It starts with a juried show at the local art museum. You select one piece from each grade level. I always find this difficult because I cannot separate the growth and passion from the outcome of the art work. I feel students need to feel appreciated for the efforts they accomplish and selecting only one is so difficult. It is an honor to be selected by the art instructor even if the juried show doesn’t select the work submitted. Next is the Fine Arts Showcase at our school and this consists of all our Fine Arts groups selecting pieces to show at an evening event for the community. Again- 7 to 8 minute performances with music, theatre, a visual display of film, and art work. It is impossible to display everything but a selection of a minimum of one art piece per student enrolled in a course is not too much. It is a big job to collect, select, label, and display a seamless show. I have been doing this for over 23 years so I do have a system and I do enjoy the art collection. It is shame the art is often up for only a few weeks. Next is our State Art Competition and Convention, it consists of the entire state, students select only 5 pieces- one in each category. The students get a taste of the challenge of selecting and presenting works of art they worked so hard to complete. The work is juried and places are selected for each category. I love this experience and enjoy watching my students get excited and anticipate the results. Some students reap rewards and some walk away disappointed but it is all a learning experience. We create art not to please others anyways, so if you like the work you create, and enjoyed the process that is a reward.
This year I will be attending the National Art Convention and meeting up with some art teachers who teach similar courses. I often feel like I am on an island alone so talking “shop” and sharing will be so much fun. The thing is I am always learning and experiencing too…I need this to stay inspired, motivated, and refreshed. I hope to find some more inspiration too. I will let you know what I find.




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