Finding rewards after a long school year.

5 05 2013

At the semesters end we all are exhausted and have lists of things to complete before we can be off on our summer adventures.  We need to stay focused on our students and remember what is truly important.

Relationships with our student’s and celebrating successes our students have achieved by our combined hard work.

I have several things to be celebrating as the year wraps up.  One is the acceptance of two of my seniors heading to SCAD to explore an exciting fine arts education.  Plus- four of my younger students will be enjoying SCADs summer art experiences as well.  A bonus is one of my talented Juniors was awarded a scholarship to attend the Rising Star program.

Second is a request from our Congressman who was so impressed with my student’s photography submissions that he asked to display three of my student’s works in his local and DC office.  Two in the local office and one in Washington D. C.  This is so wonderful for my young photographers to get kudos for their hard work.

Third is one of my artists is donating a photograph to the local permanent art gallery collection at the Psychiatric Research Institute.


Photograph donated to Arkansas PRI Hospital- Artist Nick Simmons

 This makes me so proud that one of my students was selected and is donating his piece without a prize award for his contribution.

 Fourth is all my students who have donated time, energy, and talent to support local and International charities with their art.  I have dozens of orphan portraits to send to Haiti to the BeLikeBrit orphanage.  I also have five Home Plates to submit for auction in the Fall to help support local children’s charities.

 Fifth is the completion of three separate successful Curbside Couture fashion shows. We brought awareness and excitement to our community.

 Sixth are my students having confidence and works to sell on their own Etsy stores. Excited to see them taking control of  opportunities and learning about business.

 Seventh is completion of a fourth year working and continuing our work to help Haiti with our Homes for Haiti project.

  Eighth is all the beautiful art works that competed in local art shows.  Winning awards are great reinforcement for their talents but completing original pieces to showcase is a reward too.  I especially love to hear compliments from viewers and smiles on my student’s faces= priceless.


It has been a very busy school year with so many projects completed; artists’ works developed, minds expanded, hearts opened, and one proud art teacher.  Phew!  Yes- there are days I am stressed out and exhausted but I need to reflect on the accomplishments.

 Focus on the students because they are only in my presence for a short time and I want it to be worthwhile.

To all the art educators out there finishing up AP Art portfolios’, firing up the last kiln firing, returning art work, and hugging Seniors as they walk out your door.  We have an important job to do and we will be gathering strength soon enough, so take time to write down all of your accomplishments and reflect too.


   We  need to be ready to inspire next year’s students.  We have a very important job to do.




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