Here comes summer!

15 05 2013

Dancing Shadow- Ivy Cox

This photo says it all at the end of the year- artist Ivy Cox

As the year ends I strive to enjoy my students and all of their accomplishments.  Tomorrow we present awards to our students for each class and I am excited to recognize my students in a large forum.  This year is also exciting and bitter sweet because my only son is in the graduating class too.  My son is the light of my life and my biggest and best accomplishment.  We have been at the same school and have driven to school every single day of his life.  It will be an adjustment for the both of us when we are no longer tangled up in each other’s daily lives.  Lucky for me we have always enjoyed each other’s company.  The next school year without him will make me sad but I know I will just throw myself into new and exciting projects for my students.  I already have a plot to help expand my gifted photographer’s works next year.  I will also begin my summer working on a super summer program with the Clinton Foundation and the Oscar de la Renta show.  It is going to be a fashion illustration class for young teens to encourage students who are interested in the field of fashion design.  This is going to be fun to document and blog about this summer.

To all the art teachers and moms with kids graduating- keep Kleenex close by, take one day at a time, and live in the moment with a smile on your face.

Leaping into summer

Artist- Morgan McKay




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