It’s July and I am already planning…

15 07 2013

I have been busy working in my garden, going to fishing tournaments with my son, redoing furniture, playing with my pups, cooking, teaching a fashion illustration class, and day dreaming about new art lessons.


My patio with grass added to create checker board pattern.

This school year we are starting a new schedule that is a five class seven day a week schedule for 65 minute periods.  I’m super excited because I teach all the different courses in the high school.  I have many transitions from levels  of abilities to materials.  Plus- for the first time in history, I will have a manageable course load and student population.  Yippeee!  This opens new doors for me as an art educator.  I need to plan for 65 minutes periods with interesting and meaningful ways to break up the studio time.  I know I want more student planning and reflection.  I also want to emphasize more Project Based Learning so my students have more choices.

SO- I have been doing a lot of research, reading, planning, and ordering art supplies.  I am excited to have already completed my ice-breaker lesson for all of my classes. I hope it will direct and help my students understand how to shape their thinking.  I want to get them on board as soon as possible on how to rethink about how they plan and create their art.

I am happy to share with you a small but vital part of my ice breaker that will lead into the first lesson.  It’s all about the discussion around three questions.

1. What did you discover about yourself this summer?

2. Why is this discovery unique or special?

3. How does this discovery fit into your future?

I have a activity planned to help guide their thinking, followed up with them bringing in a special object.

I am still in the process of getting all of my thoughts in order.  I do have two more books purchased for me to read to help me with my quest to achieve my goal.  I will be reading Drive by Daniel Pink and Out of Our Minds by Sir Ken Robinson.

I already wrote about this book and tweeted about it several times  BUT  I highly recommend Teach Like a Pirate by Dave Burgess.  If that is the only book you read this summer- READ IT!  It will fire you up!

I am happy to let you know I attended the Oscar de la Renta Exhibit Opening.  Invite Only-  super cool!  I was able to see the entire Clinton family plus Oscar. ( Barbara Walter’s walked right past me too.)  The exhibit was lovely but the dedication to Oscar by the Clinton’s was warm and inspirational.  My favorite quote was from Hillary Clinton- “Do what you do but do it with excellence in mind.”  It was something to that effect and she specifically mentioned if you are a teacher be excellent at it.  I love that!


Oscar de la Renta dresses

Link to Oscar de la Renta Opening-

Keep enjoying your summer and recharging your batteries…it’s almost that time to gear up for a great new school year.


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