Sharing the results from my art studio

10 09 2013





This was our warm-up lesson for Painting I class.  We had such a ball creating this large mural.  We reviewed elements and principles of design while we explored the problem.  The task was to trace a contour line drawing of every person in the class, create interesting divisions of positive and negative space, while filling the picture plane with shapes.  The color scheme was very limited- warm tints for the interior of bodies, changing the value when shapes overlapped.  The negative space was to be cool colors with shades.  We encouraged texture and value transitions to create visual interest in large areas.  The students made the decision to leave the hands white- they liked the symbolism of the hands and wanted to create an emphasis to that particular area of the painting.  I feel the experience of the process was a great review of the art elements and principles but also a great bonding experience for the whole class.




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