Season of art showcase, competitions, and runway shows.

8 02 2014

It is a cold snowy day so I am finding time to write about all the many “balls” I have whirling above my head.  In my everyday life I am fostering my third dog on to it’s final forever home.  As a new empty nester this need to nurture has been replaced with the pitter patter of four legged furry feet in need.  My two resident long hair doxie’s have been wonderful hosts and our experience with fostering shelter dogs has been rewarding.  This has been my welcoming change to my quiet empty house since our son has gone off to college.  It has also been a great stress reducer to be welcomed home to three wiggly butts and sweet puppy kisses.  No matter how busy my day has been, or the exhaustion I am experiencing, I find these little furry critters lift me up.


The past two weeks have been busy beyond compare so far.  Just when I have a prep to actually conduct school business or maybe sit to sip some hot coffee, I am summoned to a meeting, problem solve a student crisis, or help a colleague.  All too often my nicely brewed, perfectly sweetened coffee turns cold before I get to enjoy it.

This week Mother Nature ran my perfectly timed TV interview clear out of whack!  Where I had two preps to have plenty of time to get to the TV station and still time left to set up my classes…into finding subs to cover my classes, lessons to rework with tutorials to write to keep my students on schedule.  Thankfully, the TV interview went smoothly and I was able to return in time to teach one of the classes I thought I would be missing.  Now, the rest of the week should have been like scheduled right?!  No- my timing was off the rest of the week for so many different reasons, far too many to name.  We all have weeks like this once in a while but these past two is enough.

I have three lessons that include introducing my students to three different portrait artists:  Rene Magritte, Chuck Close, and Amedeo Modigliani.  I have each course tied to different expectations and criteria but all are exploring a self-portrait from direct observations with assists from photos.  My hope is to have all of the works of art completed for our year end Fine Arts Showcase.  I am hoping to have all the different interpretations of self-portraits on display together.  I think this will be a really strong exhibition.

Therese J Modiglini portrait

photo (25)

Before the Fine Arts Showcase, I also have a presentation to help prepare for the school, about our wonderful trip to Memphis.  We are presenting our discoveries for a Black History Month observation.  It will include the religious exhibit we saw at the Dixon Gallery in Memphis, Ashe to Amen, and our visit to the Stax Museum.  Both inspiring artist’s revelations and talents.

Plus, who can forget our Curbside Couture Runway Show in April!  I have 30 students involved to keep on track and two garments I am working on to complete for the show.  I have one garment almost completed but I have one I need to start.  I am hoping to have another fashion workshop soon to keep my students progressing on their garments,  from what I have seen, the garments are original and have clever recycled materials used in inspirational ways.

My online interview was published on the same day of the TV interview so it was a booming day for me.  I appreciate the story Tim Bogatz @eastartroom published about my crazy world.  Follow this link to the story of you did not see it.

Art teachers need art teachers to keep us fresh and feeling supported.  

Off to do some sewing…


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