Time to get ready for the new school year

21 07 2014

I have had a summer. Not the summer someone hopes to have but it was a necessary pause in my life to take care of my health.  I am in full recovery mode from surgery and I am gearing up to get my materials ordered, Artsonia rosters updated, and plan some art lessons.  I always love seeing my new schedule and the students who I will share a semester with to explore an art form.  This year, I will be teaching only the advanced level art courses, so it will be the first time I won’t know some of my students.  Strange, but due to my enrollment, I can no longer carry the whole high school program.  So my Foundations of Art classes will be taught by my art colleague in the Middle School.

I am also celebrating my 25th year of teaching art!!!!!

That is quite a milestone and I still have a passion to do it.  I do not feel I am done perfecting the art of teaching art, instead I feel I have so many things to modify to fit in the needs of my students and the changing climate of student learning.  So I am utilizing all my available social media outlets to gleen ideas and tools to improve my skills.  I will also be launching a new school program that will help create Global Leaders with a strong component of service learning.  I have always been involved in looping this into my art studio with my artists but now I will be working with a few other teachers to bring this program to the whole student body, starting with our Freshman.  This will be an exciting challenge but one I am very passionate about, so it’s just another way to extend belief in the power of teenagers and the energy they can contribute to create a better world.

Homes for Haiti Nature Center

Riley working with young campers

Speaking of that very strength; I need to mention the efforts my student leader did for Homes for Haiti project.  This summer I was unavailable to carry the full responsibility of the needs of our program but I did not need to worry.  Riley, a senior this year, took the lead and kept our supplies available by arranging students to come in for workshops over the summer.  She also hosted a very special summer art program to create our project and extent our efforts to help rebuild Haiti.  I am so proud of her and all the students who stepped up for Haiti.  This solidifies my belief in supporting and motivating young teens to find purpose.

Homes for Haiti Nature Center 1

Campers creating original Homes for Haiti

Homes for Haiti Nature Center 2

Campers taking time to reflect on each house.

Here is a link to our published story from the June magazine of our continued work for Haiti. I was able to read it just before being admitted into surgery.  It was a great read before beginning one of the more challenging moments of my life.  The timing could not have been more perfect.

Little Rock Family

Here is hoping you all have some summer left to enjoy.  I am wading in a little early to prepare for my anniversary year.  Have a great start to your school year!




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