Ending the Semester

29 11 2014

We only have a few more weeks left to this semester and we are sitting with a deadline issue.  Most of my students are completing projects and will end at varying points.  My courses are only one semester so the work has to finish at the end and not carry over into another semester.  I have opened up my courses to full choice and modified choice projects so the work will always end at different points.  I’m sure this is a common issue for all studio classes but especially around full choice projects.  



There is a lot of art teachers that are dipping their toes into the full choice or modified choice so the more we publish how we are transitioning the more we will all learn from our studio practice. This break has been a great time to reflect and plan on how I can wrap it up for the semester.  I’m working up a concept that will be able to be reflect each students skills and voice.  The piece can be completed in a week or less.  I hoping it will become a conversation piece for all students at the school to participate in when viewing the work.  It’s a bit to bite off…but my students are pretty remarkable and they never disappoint.  

As always I fill you in while we work it all out.




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