Ice Day Two- got some time to blog

17 02 2015

Leading Lines- Zhang- Student Photo

This will be a first, two days in a row blogging.  I am watching the ice melt and my doxie chase the squirrel out of our bird feeder. I am also thinking about art lessons and how to wrap up a few loose ends.

Recently a PLN member created a list to highlight art teachers who are sharing lessons, advice, and general assistance to our greater population of art teachers.  It was a list of art teachers I have become familiar with in person and online.  I have always viewed them as involved and passionate teachers who care about the field of art education.  I am honored to be selected to be on the list too.

Chris Parker @Kreyus

I was also surprised because I live in Little Rock, Arkansas and work at a small independent school.  I have been at this school since 2007, I have written the curriculum and basically do my own thing.  I am lucky to be able to implement what I feel my students need to be interested and educated.  Since I am the only 9-12-art teacher, I have to rely on research and tapping into other art teachers/artists to be inspired.  I tell you it isn’t easy to not be a part of a core of art teachers.  I know at times some of you who have other art teachers will butt heads but at least you have someone who gets it.

ART Feb 9 381 JMoore

Leading Lines -Moore- Student Photo

I am encouraged that all the work I do to post my work on Artsonia, Twitter, Art 2.0, and Art Teacher themed Facebook pages are connecting with other art teachers.  I originally started this blog at a Professional Development session at SCAD for art teachers.  I didn’t think I would use it very much but it was a good outlet to post some of my ideas and thoughts.  It was never to be used as a classroom blog but for other art teachers.  Thanks to a friend at the NAEA convention I was encouraged to start a Twitter link.  (@Magrace426 ) I am so thankful for getting that push.  Twitter has been a great way to connect and gain a PLN suited for my interests.  My PLN reaches all over the country with art teachers from all grade levels, public and private schools, and have many different teaching styles, but I learn so much from all of them. It has been great to get that invite to participate in Twitter chats because people want to hear about what I am doing with my students.

So if you are still on the fence about getting on Twitter consider this your tap.  Join us on #artsed and #TABchat join us even if you are not interested in TAB.  You can just follow along and you might just get inspired.  I do know many of my PLN people are great at blogging and sending out information from the Art Conventions.  So if you cannot attend NOLA NAEA 2015 get a Twitter so you can see and read what is happening.

I feel so much more a part of an art teacher organization all year long by participating in daily FB and Twitter connections.  The National Art Convention is great but it only happens once a year.  I feel connected everyday and there are days I need another art teacher to lend me a hand up, pat on the back, or a good laugh.

I cannot thank you all enough for helping me feel connected, appreciated, and supported.  It’s a compliment to know the work I do with my students in my studio is cutting the grade.


Leading Lines-Zhang- Student Photo




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