Ever have one of those weeks when….

5 03 2015

Yes- we are having another ice storm in Arkansas and it has reeked havoc on our school calendar.  The curriculum calendar keeps marching on but we are missing studio time to actually do the work we need to complete.  Art contests and shows are still on the cycle but getting everything to fall in place is a challenge.  So a back up plan has been created and I am hoping it will be a welcome opportunity to celebrate Youth Art Month and also highlight my talented visual artists.

Visual Arts Invitesm Normally, this is our Fine Arts Showcase that has each of our performing groups doing their thing and our broadcasting class sharing the best of films but not this time. So we had to get creative.

I arranged to have some refreshments, live music, and a opportunity for visitors to write comments to artists.

Many of my artists won’t be able to attend the reception due to make up sports events at the same time but I want them to hear all the great comments about their talents.




I will share the notes with my students in class and I hope they will enjoy the feedback about the work they do in my studio everyday.

I decided to get creative and offer a hands-on activity to entice more people to attend our reception.

The hands-on activity will be a table covered in paper with small masonite gessoed panels, acrylic paints, brushes, and a few inspirational photos of famous masterpieces.  People can mimic what they see or create an original work of art and then take it home.

I will make sure to take photos of the experience and let you know how it all works out.

When you get ice that ruins the calendar, you make lemonade, put it in a punch bowl, and have art reception.


Celebrate Youth Art Month!!!





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