Recycle Runway Fashion After Hours

22 03 2015

We have been working forFullSizeRender months on our original designs from recycled and repurposed materials for this moment.

The expectation is to be juried into the runway show that is hosted by the Clinton Foundation at the Clinton Presidential Library in the  Great Hall.  The pieces are to be 75% recycled and repurposed materials into a wearable garment for a runway show.

We know that 155 students have applied to be in the show but only 85 garments will be selected.  The garments will come from elementary, middle, and high school students with scholarship dollars on the line.

This will be our schools third year in the show.  We were one the first schools selected to help launch the concept and since then the show has expanded to include the whole state of Arkansas.

We had a few students who could not complete the committment to the show so they dropped out.  My students are very aware of the commitment of time, energy, and creativity it takes to be successful in the show, so they do take the challenge, only if they can be fully committed.

As the art instructor I function as a mentor, supplier of some of the materials, on site photographer, and constant cheerleader.  I will tell you this is not something to venture into thinking it will only be a few hours of your time.  This requires some research on materials, best ways to help with the structure for a wearable garment with students who have little to no sewing skills.  I have set up a Pinterest board that my students look at and then add pins to their own inspiration boards. My students are encouraged to research materials to repurpose and get familar with designers.   I have pushed for manikins and sewing machines, still wishing for a 3-d printer and a laser cutter.  (hey- I can dream)   I open the studio on weekends, after school, and club times.  I also seek out donated materials to inspire my creative students.  I am the constant supplier of duct tape, hot glue, and on the spot problem solving.  IMG_2756

The bonus I have witnessed is an increase in my students creativity, stronger relationships between the models and designer, and of course I have been able to get to know my students a lot more.  We laugh, get goofy, and create some pretty cool memories.  My students not involved with the designing are super supportive with moving manikins, assisting with suggestions for changes, ideas for color choices, and even feedback at our in studio final photo shoot.  Yes- even my male students are excited about the end results and our runway show.  My school community is very excited about the runway show and it is a priority to attend the show.

We will not only do the show at the Clinton Library but we will host a mini one at our school.  It is a popular request now and my students are no longer scared to walk the runway in front of all their peers.


I would say this little project is a success.  Lucky for me I have finally found a way to make it a part of my curriculum.  So starting next year, we will able to do this as a class project.  I know I will still have students who cannot take the class so I will still be hosting workshops after school and on weekends but not at the volume that I have been doing so far.

FullSizeRender copy 8 IMG_6683 IMG_6772


I will keep you posted as the show gets closer.  Mean while enjoy the Blendspace Link

I have created for this year and years past experiences.

Hope to meet some of you at NAEA 2015 in NOLA.

I am hoping to meet Tim Gunn.  (fingers crossed)






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22 03 2015

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