Turning over new soil

21 05 2015

I’m wrapping up my school year and I will soon be emersed in my garden at home but I am also tending to my new courses for next year. I’ve scrubbed my tables, culled materials, recycled extra materials, and moved furniture around. After a year long journey of planning and presenting proposals, I finally have my ideas taking root in my studio. I have cultivated community support and I have enthusiastic students ready to jump in. After creating all my google forms, securing grants to purchase new equipment, and preparing supplies; I am feeling ready.  

 Tomorrow, I plan on revising my google docs, learning the Haiku management platform, brushing up my blendspace resources, and publishing my themes to post in the studio.  I don’t know what the whole year will look like exactly but I do know how I will present the new full choice program and record the evidence of developing ideas. I have plans created for public forums to allow my students to present their process, thoughts, and their projects. It’s my hope my students will inspire the greater community with what they learned and created.  

 I will continue to share my journey as it unfolds. All I can say is I am really excited to do this.




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