Student Leadership Continues

11 09 2015

Dropping off money we raised for Haiti. Gracie Kreth Senior Student Director with Connie Fails Clinton Store Manager

Homes for Haiti is a non-profit, student-run organization that has raised a total of $68,000. It partners with the Clinton Haiti Relief Fund to help build back Haiti after the devastating earthquake in 2010. Within this program, students from Arkansas use scrap materials from their art rooms to create small pins, magnets, and ornaments in the shape of small houses. Each of these pins has a heart on the roof representing the love and support of the Haiti community from students within United States, and when wearing a pin, awareness is spread throughout the community. This organization has an extremely powerful message especially coming from America’s youth.

In fact, it is a completely student driven organization and each year, receives recognition from the Clinton Foundation. Additionally, each student leader has been honored with prestigious leadership awards. Just after the organization was established, Jami Schmidt, the first student leader, received “Bridge Builder Award” from the Clinton Presidential Volunteer Gala in 2010 and Ken Bastian Award Outstanding Community Service Award from the Southwestern Association for Episcopal Schools in 2011. Mimi Ederle assumed the large responsibility and received the Fellowship at the University of Arkansas for all her hard work. To top it off, Riley Blair, who served for two consecutive years received the esteemed Hunt Leadership Scholarship to Southern Methodist University. This year, I am the Homes for Haiti Student Leader, and will work as hard as I can to try to carry out the previous leader’s vision for expansion of the organization. As for the future, this year, I will also be mentoring my younger sister Celia Kreth to assume the position.

This year, I will focus on spreading awareness targeting the younger generations. I have contacted daycare, preschool, and Sunday School programs in the hopes of teaching children and their parents about Homes for Haiti. This, I predict, will help teach children the importance of helping others even at a young age, as well as receive some assistance making the pins by turning the lesson into an arts and crafts project.

I have big plans for Homes for Haiti, and with your help, I wish to make this one of the most profitable and effective year. I believe in this organization because I have clearly seen it make an impact over the years in Haiti. You can help by purchasing a pin at the Clinton Museum store, making a donation, or spreading awareness for this cause and organization.

Gracie Kreth

Homes for Haiti Student Director

Beyond Proud of my Students

I Believe ART can Change the World




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