Getting real in the art studio.

21 09 2015

I’ve been on this new journey in my studio with my students to provide a quality art educational program. It’s a choice based blended studio that is a multi-level course. Long story short, it’s a formal method that I’ve been doing for years in a real mash-up method.

Here is only a few screen shots of my students choice themes they have selected with specific media and artistic targets. Teenagers have a lot to say if you give them room to express it.

The heart composition is the first augmented reality piece, my student created on his own. Check out the aura at hshelnutt’s Public auras on Aurasma.

I have a few on Aurasma too, check them out on my Public Aura Channel -joyschultz.

My student made the heart beat in 3D when you view it on the Aurasma app.

After 25 years of teaching you’d think I could let it roll as I always have but NO!
I’ve created a whole new way of doing things. I have learned so much in the process like modifying code, how to use three different student management online tools, how to trouble shoot two 3D printers, and use, implement, and teach students how to create augmented reality pieces. Everyday is an adventure but the amount of real world issues my students are addressing with their art is inspiring to me. So on days that my mind is spinning and I’m exhausted don’t mind me. My brain is processing my world. Here is a small glimpse of my student’s research and ideas behind the pretty pictures.

I’ve just completed written commentary for my students evaluations for the first piece they have created.  The paperless process that I am using with Google Forms is awesome.  I now have a method to communicate in detail how my student’s can be greater than they already are to me.




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