Weekend Workshop- Art Teacher’s Day Off

17 01 2016

DSC_0422We started this Saturday with a recycle fashion workshop mixed with a garden mural workday.  I have been busy preparing a session for the Winter Integration STEAM Conference including a Twitterchat and launching my new semester so a few of my big projects have taken a back seat.  Today we changed that and spent time in the studio designing.  The deadlines are approaching to complete our garments and murals; so the time was now.

The students trickle in and the materials I have collected over time, are piled in the studio for students to select for their designs.  Many of my students have prepared sketches, research, and materials so my offerings add to the mix.



It was busy the whole time and the structures emerged quickly.  This is a wonderful opportunity for my students to discover how to build garments and to play with unconventional materials. Students collaborate with one another on ideas and offer suggestions.  The conversations are a mixture of upcoming events and ideas for accessories for the runway.  The workshop never seems long enough and we anticipate the next workshop so we can see what everyone has accomplished.  I see these projects as a direct growth of what I do in the studio everyday but it has a team feel to it.  We are a school that is out to impress and hopefully win a few awards in the process.





Today we also had several artists who have volunteered to paint large garden murals for a local garden club for an upcoming Floral Convention.  The students planned the concepts and most students had a drawing complete so it was” block it in day”.

I am thrilled the end results of the auction of our murals will go to a organization that provides money for art supplies for public school art programs.  My students get a opportunity to paint on a large scale and contribute to other young artists development.

Providing time and programs to extent the discovery of new skills is a great way to build and advocate for an art program.  See you on the runway!








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