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Artsonia Lessons for High School

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Episcopal Collegiate School Art Gallery

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MS Project

MS Project

  • Middle School Lesson-  Haring Aboriginal Originals 
  • High School Lesson- Altered Books
Altered Book B. Bailey

Altered Book B. Bailey

High Contrast Charcoal

Drawing Class Lesson in Value

Objective:  Direct observation of a still-life consisting of white ware under spotlights. Students needed to recreate the objects they could observe including a minimum of three objects.  The final composition includes highlights, shadows, reflections, and cast shadows.  Drapery and a table line set the final composition into a convincing three-dimensional space.

Fill in the Box- Gestural Line Drawing

Mark-making is the expression we use to describe the process of applying pencil to paper. You can improve your pencil drawing skills by carefully considering your pencil and how it hits the page. Controlling and exploiting the possibilities of the mark is an important step in developing as an artist.

Artist Goal-The “box” can be any size and any value.  The lines must encompass the entire page.  Use a variety of lines and marks.  Think about movement and volume, thickness, and values.

Do the images evoke a “meaning”?

What do the marks imply?  Where are the lines going?  Can you see a location, person, place, or thing?

Homelessness Portrait- MicrographyAmelia mircography

  • Demonstrate the ability to sketch out a composition utilizing your photo journal or research.
  • Create Emphasis and Mood to the composition with value and MICROGRAPHY.
  • Research the TEXT needed to support the theme of homelessness.
  • Apply text to support the mood and feeling of the composition. Shape, size, and placement.
  • Use the application of ink to create emphasis and volume/dimension.
  • Create a personal voice within the criteria.
  • Use class time effectively and can stay on task without redirection.
  • Maintain good care in craftsmanship throughout the project.
  • Maintain a good working area and clean up at the end of class.
  • Actively ask questions to propel the composition towards completion.

Trompe l’oeil:

Literally translates from French to mean “fools the eye.” Hard to paint, the trompe l’oeil piece requires meticulous attention to detail on the part of the artist.  Proper sizing and every detail, nuance of light and gradation of color must be skillfully incorporated in order to make the two-dimensional work appear to be three-dimensional.

Criteria:Micha Stilllife

  • Create a collage of personal items you collect and arrange onto a board.
  • Create observational drawings of the collage.
  • Select the compositional picture plane size and the surface material.
  • Select the media of your choice.


Texture Fingers

Create a modified contour line drawing ofyour hand.  On each digit, add a simulated texture.

You must have five different textures, one per finger.

Examples:  fur, brick, scales, spikes, wire, ribbon, tree bark, etc.

Be creative!


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