It all starts with a box

19 12 2011

What wonderful results from some cardboard boxes. The technology department had several boxes to get rid of from shipping laptops in for repairs and the boxes were the perfect size for this lesson. Students learned how to “up cycle” the cardboard boxes and were exposed to a different culture. I was surprised at how challenging it was for students to manipulate the cardboard box. I guess kids don’t play with cardboard boxes anymore, so they have not had much practice at the “magic” that is a cardboard box. I remember getting an old refrigerator box and drawing inside and out; plus cutting out windows and doors. The box became a magical space to play. Anyhow, I am getting off track….back to the present and students inability to know how to manipulate cardboard. I spent the majority of my time showing and helping them how to cut, fold, bend, and piece the box together to reinvent the shape to fit the students mask design. Once that was complete, on to the paper mache’ wrapping, paint embellishments, and finally raffia detail. The masks are amazing and the students truly grasped the majestic nature of the Totem masks. What I thought the lesson might be focused on wasn’t the main focus. It was all about the box… strange. I wonder what does this mean about the next generation.


Merry Christmas and Happy New Year

19 12 2011

Already planning new lessons to explore for the next semester.  I will update some fun lessons we completed first semester soon.

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