New Phase

24 08 2019

Blue Mountains.jpgI’m writing this after a bit of time for me to process the journey that I am on now.  I’ve always heard people say “listen to the universe”.  I’m relying on that now more than ever.  Some thoughts that have been filtering through my mind for several months.  Bare with me on this part….

Being a great dedicated educator requires many years of education and commitment to your craft.  You also need to always work on elevating your craft and learn new innovative technology, media, terminology, and educational shifts.  All the while you need to support and invest in the relationships you have with the students in your care.

Many of us sacrifice our time with our own family and children to do this.  Not only are we shepherding the young people in our care, but we are also striving to elevate them and nurture them to reach levels they never knew they could achieve.  This is rewarding and it is equally challenging.

After almost 30 years of teaching, I am transitioning into working for myself.  All the effort and dedication I put into my beautiful artists and art program are over.  With any change comes pain and trust me it’s like death while you are still breathing.  I’m working through the change and some days are wonderful and I love the new pace of my days but there are days when I miss the hum of a well-run artist studio with my art students.  It was magic.  My students knew it, my parents knew it, some of my colleagues knew it and respected it.  Others will never get it and would like to dismiss it.

Opening SLW.jpg

My accomplishments so far are creating and publishing my own artist website.  Joy Schultz Studio  It was a learning curve but I did it just like I had to teach myself how to use two different 3D printers and numerous digital design platforms.  I’m proud to have accomplished this in time for the opening of the new school year.  The second accomplishment is to be selected to be on the Arkansas Artist Registry for artist residency programs.  The third accomplishment is to paint almost every day.  Keep being creative and growing.  The last is writing this post on my blog to let people know why there will be an absence of posts about my school art studio and my wonderful students.  I feel it would not be authentic of me not to let my readers know of the journey I am currently navigating.

I will still be working with young people and adults who wish to learn how to tap their individual creativity.   I plan on going through all of the many lesson plans and activities I created over the years and figure out how to share them.  I will also be purging the many curated artifacts, books, reproductions, and other things I accumulated over my teaching career at a garage sale or online.   I am fulfilling my role as a Co-President of the Choice Art Interest Group for NAEA.  Beyond that, I will listen to the universe.

I have been mulling over a list of advice to offer teachers going through similar paths but it’s still a process for me.  I do want to thank my ArtEd #K12artchat community for quietly being there to support and express concern for my well-being.  I’m unsure of what the universe will offer me.  I hope it will be as rewarding as it has been to launch and inspire all of my artists and all of you.

My best for the start of the new school year to all of you.marsh border.jpg




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