Experimenting with Monoprints

2 09 2009

Everytime I teach beginner’s about monoprints, I have some monoprints where the ink did not  turn out the way the artists would like them to look.  Now, instead of looking at the prints as mistakes, we view them as an opportunity to embellish them even more.  Recently, I have been experimenting with layering our monoprints (cast-offs) with chine-colle and with a “mock” lithograph method.  Here are some of my experiments.


Second go around with this lesson

1 09 2009

Tattoo Collage- Mixed Media Drawing

Criteria: Merge three human observational drawings into one.  Select one modified contour line drawing from a skeleton drawing, figure study, and a self-portrait drawing.

  • Overlap the drawings onto one piece of paper.
  • Skeleton drawing enlarged to break-up the negative space.
  • Layer the figure drawing leaving some space for a portrait.
  • Place the portrait on the composition, making an artistic choice of how much of your portrait will be included in the drawing. tattoo teacher example

Patterns and Designs:

View several native designs used for artifacts, ceremonial tattoos, and fabric.

Select a specific style and apply the pattern to selected areas of your drawing.

  • Wrap the design around the bones, facial features, and clothing to follow the volume of the object.

Add color or value using pencil, colored pencil, watercolor pencil, pen/ink, pastel, charcoal and tempera paint. Use more than one medium.  See student results soon at Artsonia.com

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