Creating and writing out our new artist proposals

22 01 2017


The semester is rolling with multiple artist proposals being created in the ChoiceBasedArt studio by each individual artist.  My artists have been working on selecting ThemesArtistic Targets, and making decisions on best methods to express their intent.  This weekend I spent time reviewing the documentation.  My experienced artists have nice looking and well thought out presentations.  A few of my new students need a little more support to understand what is expected to achieve the best quality results.

I usually follow up with my students with an email with suggestions for ideas to add more content.  I offer up links that may inspire specific techniques or simple suggestions to explore alternative color schemes, perspectives, etc.   I also remind all of my students to capture progress images and upload to Sway almost daily.

Each individual artist has selected their media and many have begun working out the compositions.  This week I am hoping to have one-on-one and small group critiques of the progress they have recorded.  We will work through issues and make adjustments as needed.

We have a week of studio classes to make solid progress and host a few progress critiques.  I will have time to work with individuals on techniques and we will continue to document our process on Sway.

The following week we have a very special artist-in-residence coming to our studio classes for a two-day workshop that will explore how to incorporate paper circuits, LED lighting, and micro controllers into their art.  Many of the current projects in progress will be able weave in the concepts into the art pieces right away and level up the art piece and increase the experience of the viewers.

Dr. Jie Qi will be flying in from Boston and bringing with her the excitement of lighting up art work in clever and playful ways.  I’m thrilled we will have the opportunity to work with Dr. Qi.  Paper Circuits  I will post our experience with Dr. Qi as it unfolds in the studio.

lily-cityWishing you creative minds and busy hands with inspired original works of art.

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