Another year has passed and it’s time to reflect

23 05 2014

When I was asked to write down all the highlights from this school year, I initially thought sure not a problem.  And then I got down to writing all the information down….  this forced me to begin at the start of the year to the very end of this very busy and successful school year.  I was listing so many art awards, events, service learning projects, and community projects it was no wonder I am tired at the end of my busy day.

I teach all of the classes in the high school with the exception of two sections of the Foundations of Art classes…otherwise it all rests on my shoulders.  It is at times so difficult to maintain my physical studio space with all the projects and teenagers in the studio.  But I do seem to keep everything in line, on task, and continue to improve the program.  My passion to teach art, work in the community to improve the arts, and offer more to my students; this fuels my ambition.

Today I finished my curriculum maps and documented all my lessons, rubrics, powerpoints, handouts, and resources.  I am working on proposing a new blended classroom with a hybrid program to allow me to offer more courses without losing any quality for the future.  I am pretty much doing a blended program with my Media Art class but in a informal manner.  I am proposing it in a much more formal manner for the future.  We will see where it goes…I have all summer to work my ideas.


Saying goodbye to my Seniors is never fun.  I know it’s the natural end to what we are striving to achieve but it still doesn’t feel great.  I will miss my artists very much.  I know they will take a piece of me everytime and I hope they multiply that piece of me by contributing in the world in a positive way.  I have high hopes for my artists and I know they will figure it all out and let me know all about it.


This summer I will take some time to read a few good books, garden, create some art, cook, plan, write, and play with my family. Foster a few dogs and love on my own.   I have big plans to put in place that will help make my busy studio even better.  I am fortunate to have very motivated student leaders who are with me on structuring more art club activities and  continue to run Homes for Haiti and a trip to Haiti in June of  2015.  We will soon be able to meet the beautiful children we have been painting and supporting in Haiti.





It’s good to have plans and support to get it all done.

I hope the end of your school year is as rewarding to reflect on as mine has been for me.


Visual Arts 2013-2014 School Highlights

Art Competitions/ Shows

  • Congressional Art Competition- 17 submissions from Episcopal Collegiate Kelsey Claybrook placed 3rd
  • 2014 Arkansas Young Artist Association Spring Competition- 13 awards
  • Regional Art Awards- seven art award winners with three student’s pieces advancing to state. Students advancing to State: Conner Noland, Michael Chen, and Claire Seale
  • The Vision Art Contest sponsored by the Little Rock Eye Clinic and The J. Forrest Henry Trust– Nicholas Simmons 4th place $75.00
  • The Scholastic Art & Writing Awards -Courtney Ross for an Honorable Mention for her fashion design
  • Thea Foundations first ever fashion design award- Celeste Jennings won 2nd place $2,500
  • Jade Pfeifer Honorable Mention in Thea Arts Scholarship Award
  • Curbside Couture -We had 12 designers and 22 models.  Riley Blair designed the runway backdrop and received rave reviews.  Our school had an impressive line-up of garments that garnered us 4 of the 5 awards given out at the event.

The following designers were awarded cash awards: Colin Clemmons received The Singer Creativity Award $250.00, Celeste Jennings 4rd $200.00, Lily Warren 3rd $300.00, and Jade Pfeifer 1st $500.00.

  • Hosted and participated in the Art in the Garden Event
  • Fine Arts Showcase

Community Service Learning Projects

  • Justin Gooseberry created a puppet theatre for Lower School Spanish Classes
  • Justin Gooseberry and Katie Hadden participated in the Egghisbition by creating original eggs for raising funds for Youth Home.
  • Jim Elder Home Plate Heroes Auction-

Five student home plates up for auction:

Sam Baker, Conner Noland, Conley Culpepper, Caroline Davis, and Ben Jones

  • Homes for Haiti -recognized at the Clinton Foundation Volunteer Gala in December for our continued support to help rebuild Haiti also received a letter from Bill Clinton acknowledging our dedication. $60,000 raised to date

We sold our pins at Harvest Fest, Cornbread Festival, Mission Market, Methodist Church Catfish Fry, Curbside Couture Fashion Bazaar, and the Clinton Museum Store.

  • Participated in Thea Paves the Way for the 4th year
  • Second year in a row art students donated painted portraits of the children for the BeLikeBrit orphanage in Haiti
  • Art students from a variety of Upper School  art classes painted the Mayflower Strong banner for the Fill the Bus tornado relief drive




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