Summer time is a great time to create some performance art experiences.

14 05 2012

Inspiration by Artist -Charlie Todd

This piece is inspired by Ben Heine-  Photo created by one of my students.


The Circle is Closed.

2 05 2012

I started the Homes for Haiti Project the day after Missy was missing in Haiti after the earthquake.  My students have been busy working on this project ever since and I never told them why.  Well- they do now.    I was also able to share with Missy all the hard work I have been doing in her honor.  My heart is filled with pride and excitement for all the good work we are doing.  Missy’s parents visited us in Little Rock too and they showed their appreciation by purchasing blocks for an orphanage in Haiti in my name and in our schools name.  I have never been given a better gift.  The orphanage is BeLikeBrit – an orphanage built by Britney’s parents in her memory after her passing in the collapse of Hotel Montana.  The very same Hotel Missy climbed out of from a small hole.  Check out the link to read about this wonderful dedication to their daughter.  Page down the page to see our name too.Image

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