Exciting works to wrap up the school year.

23 04 2012

ImageTime is slipping away but I have a wonderful group of students who love to create new compositions and strive to do better on each composition.  Times like this I wish I could keep them forever.


Winding down the school year…

6 04 2012

Wow! What a school year.  It has been a challenging year with so much accomplished but still so much to complete.  I feel especially proud to still feel that my head is above water and that I still  find time throughout my day to enjoy my students as individuals.  Many of my students will graduate and many more will stay and return to the art studio.  They will grow up this summer and return taller and with more maturity under their belt.  I will meet new faces of incoming freshmen and I will reminisce about past graduates.  The art projects I document will be reminders of the time I spent with them in the studio.  So as I tire and long for summer break, I need to keep in mind that this is a short period of time with my students and it is my job to make it meaningful.  It requires me to take a few deep breaths and to live in the moment.  Laugh with them and enjoy because before too long they will be moving on with their lives as they should and I have a new crew to nuture.

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