Summertime Professional Development and Some Down Time

16 07 2015
My Summer Mess- Home Studio

My Summer Mess- Home Studio

Yes- it is true it is summer and teachers have time to relax and enjoy a unscheduled day but there are many of us that are working to improve our craft during the summer while we refresh.  This summer I am able to enjoy running around flea markets, gardening, trying new restaurants, and creating a few works of art.  I have even completed a trip home, took in a few art gallery shows, and completed a few home improvement projects.

I also faced a fear this week and went on AOELive on a podcast!!!!  Tim Bogatz asked me if I would participate at the NAEA convention and he is such a nice guy I said, “Yes.” I will confess I am not really thrilled to be on camera and I prefer being behind the scenes. But I feel I do have a lot to say about art education and where education should be heading to benefit our students and the greater community.  I listened to the podcast and I was surprised my “Northern” accent, my students poke fun at me for, did not seem so pronounced and that I actually found talking about what I think pretty easy.  I still am not real comfortable on camera so I have not watched myself and I may never do that.  Anyways, I do hope what I had to say was helpful to some art teachers who are trying to make changes in their curriculum.

While I was listening to my podcast I also listened to a few other art teacher podcasts including AOE Founder Jessica Balsley, Cassie Stephens, and Ian Sands.   I found a few strands that seemed to link our chats together.

One is to follow your passion, two don’t be afraid you don’t maintain a perfect work/life balance (it will sort out eventually), and follow your instincts.

I feel we are all passionate art educators who want to improve not only our student’s work but to educate, share, and support others.  Another similarity is that we find ourselves holding ourselves accountable through our individual journeys that we document on various platforms.  It has helped all of us all to have a clearer focus, stronger voice, and a vision we wish to share with others. The Art of Ed Website

My Iries

My Iries

While I am still enjoying my summer I am also knocking out my Professional Development. This includes a few online courses, a text-#EDJourney, Twitter Chats #K12artchat, and presenting an art teacher session next week. I have been preparing for my session and it has forced me to review lessons from my past.  I was able to review photos of my students in the studio from over ten years ago and it makes me so happy to know I am still in touch with so many of my students today as young adults.  I love it.

I am hoping to get in a few more entries on this blog and to clean it up a bit with new information. It’s always a work in progress….

I hope you are enjoying your summertime and continue to learn and grow. And if Tim Bogatz or Andrew McCormick asks you to do a podcast…say YES! It’s a lot of fun and they are asking because you have something you need to share.


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