Beautiful Day for Celebrating Art

29 09 2012

Today I spent the afternoon with my art students at an event in Little Rock in front of the Clinton Presidential Library at the Thea sponsored event- Paves the Way. It is an opportunity to celebrate the organizers beautiful daughter who died tragically far too young. She was a artist who found her love of art her Junior year of high school. It changed her outlook on life and her future, her academic grades increased and her art was inspired. Her parents started the foundation in her name- Thea.

I met up with my art students to create a large art masterpiece inspired mural in chalk. Now, if you have ever worked in chalk on a sidewalk you know it is not an easy task. Back breaking, knee crushing, knuckle scratching pain…but oh how rewarding when you are finished. This is our third year and we love returning to support Thea and her parents. This organization keeps the Fine Arts in many local schools with support in art supplies, classes, and scholarships for students. Thea had a great day and so did we. Here are some of our results from today.


Starting a new year and what a start

21 09 2012

I always like the beginning of the school year.  Fresh new lessons, new art supplies, and familar faces all mixed in with new faces.  Assessing students at the beginning of the school year is critical to know where are all the students starting points, what do the students need reviewed, and what needs to be retaught.  I really enjoy doing assessments and I find great pride in the process especially, when I see positive growth in my students skills.  This year is no exception…what took two weeks to complete, is now taking only one.  Here are some of the examples and results of hard work from my students this year. 

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