Recycle fashion runway show – pre show jitters

11 04 2015

  All of my students garments made it through the juried process and Sunday they make the catwalk. Pre-show prep includes email communications with participants, their parents, and a emergency repair kit.  I think I know what I am going to wear. Resolve that later.  At the runway show we are also selling our Homes for Haiti products and I have my volunteers primed.  I am calm now but tomorrow, I will get nervous but not for me, for my students. It’s a big event and it is getting bigger every year. My students have worked hard for months on their creations and wearing the garment in my studio is a far cry from a elevated spotlit runway at the Clinton Presidential center.  Our reservations for our audience closed to capacity in 20 minutes.  The first show was basically my students with 17 dresses, fast forward three years, to 155 entries. Only 78 garments will walk the runway that were created by students ranging from elementary grades through high school.  Sponsors have stepped up this year so our event has been elevated in many ways and it will be guaranteed to happen again next year.  Awards are on the minds of my students too. We are hopeful we make the cut.

Tomorrow we will meet for a nice lunch before rehearsal. This will give me time to offer my students a pep talk and to give thanks to our Senior leaders for their support and leadership.  This process takes several cheerleaders to keep us feeling positive, especially when our garments fail our ideals. I have a cool bunch of students who I know will be joining me next year and hopefully a few new faces too.  It takes a lot of organization, motivation, quick problem-solving, and collecting loads of repurposed materials to make it work. But after it is all done and I see my students faces at the close of the show….it’s all worth it.

If you are interested we will be on Instagram #clintoncenter #curbsidecouture 

I will tweet out as our day unfolds with some behind the scenes stuff and of course I be back here to tell you all about it.

Wish us luck.





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