Spending Valentine’s Day with my Designers

17 02 2015

Curbside Workshop 20158Most art teachers would not enjoy spending Valentine’s Day with a studio full of student designers but I am not like most art teachers. We have a recycle runway show in April to get prepared for, so we need to put in some time into our designs and push out inventive designs.  My studio burst into a workshop for young designers with sketches and materials in hand.  Our newly donated manikins got a workout and so did I. Curbside Workshop 20157

Some of our recycled and repurposed materials include shower curtains, candy wrappers, tent awning fabric, old t-shirts, and scrap fabric.  We started with a base fabric we either purchased at Goodwill or one of the t-shirts we had in our stash of materials.

IMG_2552 2

I introduced wool felting for embellshing parts of our designs and it was a IMG_2544 2popular technique.

I maintain a Pinterest inspiration board and my students often have their own. The sketches help guide the designers plan but we also make changes as ideas emerge.

I think we are off to a great start with several original and beautiful designs.

Our school has the Fine Arts Showcase is next week so our studio time is at a premimum to get everything finished.  Hoping these ice days don’t chewed up of my precious studio time.

IMG_2553 2




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